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announces live streaming opportunites for clients starting next year!

Computer Hope

In this digital age, nothing comes as a surprise; short of exploding phones and presidential candidates. Everything else seems to have caught up, including the hoverboards. The truth is that technological acheivements allow us to view events happinening in realtime from the other side of the world. Times are changing and technology is allowing us to do more both as entertainers and viewers. Interactive media is a developing industry which presents premium real estate in the music and live show industries.

Computer Hope

Fortunatly, the adaptation to new technology is making it easier to see new content from our favorite artists, but is proving to be revolutionary for the less mainstream musicians out there. Luckily, Runaway Carousel Records and Entertainment has heard the cry for independent and underground content. Starting at the beginning of next year, Runaway Carousel will be offering live streaming services for existing and prospective clients who have signed with the label. The intent is for clients to capitalize on internet presence exposure through live shows, studio recordings sessions, and Q&A sessions. There is nothing like seeing the creation of a song that made your heart beat like nothing else. The label understands the need to meet the demand for new content and intends to utalize every possible resource to invest in its artists.

Hold the phones, this can't be real! Underground artist caught in their natrual element? That's right, artists will bare their souls, taking you to the most intimate corners of their creative process. Be there when the bass drops, be there for tht perfect harmony. Live chat with them while they craft that song that might just be about you this time. See the tips and tricks that took them from average to artist! Have you ever wanted to be a part of something truely unique? Here is your invitation.

Starting next year, artists under the Runaway Carousel label will be granted the ability to share live session recordings, live shows, and other intimate moments with fans twice a month at no cost to the act. This benefit is not a sole benifet to musical artists; extending the opportunities along to visual graphical and practical media artists. This means photographers associated with the brand will have the chance to share their editing process. Filmmakers can stream the live behind the scenes content, while set designers and art designers involved with the label get their chance to shine light on how they contribute to the visual productions of the label.

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Do you or someone you know want the chance to become part of the music industry? Does your brand have that awesome sound the world needs to hear but don't want to get thrown under the bus by a lousy record contract? Being in a successful band is hard and studio time isn't cheap! If this is you, then Runaway Carousel is the place. We select musical acts that have the drive and ability to take their sound to the next level. Signed musical artists have all the fun, but not anymore. Join the family and gain access to the tools that will catapolt your band from "The Nobodies" to "The Greatest Underground Band You have Ever Heard Of___Insert name Here"! Making it is easy, when you have all the tools you need. Do you have what it takes?

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Finis Robinson
Brand Advisor
Runaway Carousel Records and Entertainment